Policies & Procedures

This section contains Policies & Procedures for Thursday Connection.  These include:

  • Student Guidelines
  • Homework Preparation Expectations
  • Parent Guidelines
  • Family Work Requirements
  • Financial Obligations

Student Guidelines

Thursday Connection supports the efforts of our families to bring up their children “in the way that they should go.”  As a Cooperative we are committed to nurturing an environment of respect for one another through honesty, kindness, patience, understanding and care. We have developed a list of guidelines to help students know what is expected of them at TC and help them have successful experiences at Thursday Connection. Please go over these guidelines with your student thoroughly.

1. Be respectful and obedient during the day. This includes respecting the teachers, volunteers, and any other adult, fellow students, and property.

2. Come prepared to class as requested by your teachers.

  • Bring all needed supplies.
  • Homework should be completed neatly and on time.
  • All students are expected to do their own, original work.

3. A hall pass is required to leave a classroom.

  • No one should be in the hall for any reason between classes without a hall pass.
  • Requests to leave class should be only in emergencies.  Use the restroom between classes.

4. Dress Code:

  • Please dress with modesty and consideration of others attending the cooperative and the church in which we are meeting.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist; no sagging or holes permitted.
  • Undergarments should be worn but may not be seen.
  • Shirts, blouses, and dresses must completely cover the abdomen, back, and shoulders and must have sleeves.
  • Midriffs or cleavage may not show.
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses must be mid-thigh in length.
  • Leggings may be worn, but only with a tunic top, dress, or skirt that meets the dress code length.
  • Clothing and accessories may not display offensive language or images.
  • As fashion trends change quickly, it is impossible to itemize every item that allowed on Thursdays.  The spirit of the dress code is to create a professional learning environment and demonstrate respect for the church and for one another in the clothing choices we make – please make dress code decisions with these goals in mind. The TC Board reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of dress.
  • Students must wear a T-shirt, an appropriate length skirt or shorts, from our box of items collected over the years, when the dress code is violated.

5. Bring only items needed in class to co-op.

  • Leave all distracting toys at home.
  • Weapons of any kind toy or otherwise are not permitted (this includes pocket knives.)
  • Do not bring trading cards, or occult related games or materials to co-op. These will be confiscated and only returned to the parent.

6. Clean up after yourself.

  • Place all trash in proper containers.
  • Leave all rooms better than you found them.

7. Secure permission from the TC board before conducting any fundraising at co-op.

8. Follow all rules set by the church.

  • No running in hallways.
  • No heelies, skateboards  allowed inside the church.
  • Use inside voices while inside the building.
  • The playground area is reserved for children twelve years of age and younger with adult supervision.

9. Food, including lunch, must be eaten only in designated rooms. No food or drink is allowed in classrooms except as part of planned educational activities.

10. Only high school students are allowed outside without an adult and only with permission.  Students are allowed in the outside picnic area only. There is to be no loitering in the parking lot, no sitting in cars, and no wandering around the building, inside or out.

11. No visitors are allowed to accompany students to classes without the approval of an administrator on duty. No one will be allowed in the building without proper TC ID or signing in as a guest.

Disciplinary Policy
The administration will take appropriate action for violations of the Student Guidelines or of the culture of respect at Thursday Connection. This could include but is not limited to a warning from the adult in charge, removal from class, calling parents, TC chores, asking parents to attend class with the student, meeting with the board, or dismissal from Thursday Connection.


Homework Preparation Expectations

 At Thursday Connection our teachers offer rich courses with great opportunities for learning. Homework is an integral part of this education process. If your students are not prepared for class, it is a hindrance not only to your student’s learning process but also to the entire class, who is now ahead of the student.

Middle and high school courses require more of the students than those for younger children. The parent, as the teacher-of-record, is completely responsible to be sure that their student has finished all homework well. The teachers’ syllabi are provided to assist you in this task; familiarize yourself with what each class will require by a thorough reading of each syllabus and communication with the teacher as necessary for your understanding. All of our high school teachers use online platforms to communicate assignments, notifications, and grades.

If a teacher feels that assignments are not being done and that the student’s lack of preparation is a hindrance to the class, we reserve the right to ask the child to withdraw from the class for the rest of the semester. In this case, no further monies will be due. Grades will be emailed at semester end to the email address on record.

Elementary enrichment courses are designed to have  mainly in class activities. Teachers may offer home suggestions to allow a student to explore a topic further at home.

Parent Guidelines

  1. Please make sure your students are healthy when they attend Thursday Connection.  You may use the following guidelines to determine if your child should stay at home if you have any uncertainties. a. Excessive cough or runny nose—clear, yellow, or green from nose, throat or eyes. The only exception to this is allergic symptoms that have been diagnosed as allergic by a doctor. If your child has a bad cold and you can alleviate their symptoms with antihistamines and/ or cough suppressants, so that they are not “shedding” the virus constantly throughout the day, they are welcome to attend. b. Bacterial infections that are treated by antibiotics—please make sure that your child has been on the antibiotic regimen at least 24 hours before returning to class—this would include such things as pink eye and strep throat. c. Vomiting, diarrhea, or fever—your child should be symptom free for at least 24 hours before coming to class. d. Rash—do not bring your child to class with any rash UNLESS it has been diagnosed by a doctor as non-contagious.
  2.  Each child should come to class with a book bag, backpack or something similar to keep papers and loose items in during the day.
  4. Please do not loiter in the hallways. If you would like to visit with other moms, you may sit in the childcare room or break room or the parents’ room. If you would like to work quietly, you may do so in the library, if there is room.
  5. Please do not use classroom time to talk with teachers. We will provide a teacher phone list so that you may make an appointment to talk with them at appropriate times. Please do not approach the teachers about money or scholarship issues. Scholarship requests will be handled by the board. If you wish to request assistance, please contact Roxane Figueredo at roxane.figueiredo@gmail.com
  6. Parents are always welcome to sit in any class their student is taking or to supervise their student inany class. As a courtesy to teachers, please let them know your plans to stay. Please do not bring younger siblings into the classroom, including nursing infants.
  7. Children not in TC classes must be supervised and should not be allowed to disrupt classes or roamhallways. ONLY parents working on their volunteer time have the option of using the childcare roomfor younger siblings.
  8. You or a designated adult must accompany your K-5th grade child into the building each week. Your child should scan themselves in/out using his/her ID badge. Students 6th grade and above do not need an adult to enter or leave the building. If you have high schoolers, they may sign themselves and their siblings in/out.
  9. Please make sure students in K-3 grades have their schedule on the back of their ID tag before you leave. All students must leave this nametag on during the day. Volunteers will help the younger kids move between classes, but TC cannot guarantee a child makes every class if they do not wear their nametags. PLEASE help your child become familiar with the campus and go over room numbers and class times.
  10. Please make a schedule card for 4th-12th grade students with their class times and room numbers for them to carry. They may make a schedule sticker for their ID tags if this will be easier.
  11. Parking and Entrance into building—Please use the back parking area and courtyard door only.
  12. Please make it a point to go over all student rules with your child prior to the first day of class.
  13. Pick up time is no later than 4:45. Please remember that in your contract, you agreed for one of our board members to take your child to their home, if you are late. 

Family Work Requirements

Each family is required to contribute 16 work hours each semester. We have dates available for each parent to choose, and we try to be flexible in allowing this freedom to choose dates and jobs. Shifts are 4 hours for 4 days or 1 hour per week to fulfill the 16 hour requirement. When you sign up for a shift, we expect that you will fulfill your obligation. Please mark your work shifts on your calendar. Thursday Connection will send a reminder email with a list of workers for the week. Please check your emails.

Work Shift Check-in

Please be 10 minutes early for your shift to allow time to get younger children who are not in classes at TC in childcare, check-in and settle your students in their respective classes.  At the shift check-in table, you must initial that you are present and pick-up a job description from the job description box. Please read and follow that description unless you are asked by the family work coordinator to serve somewhere else. At the end of your shift, please replace the job description and initial out. Thursday Connection reserves the right to place you in any job as our needs dictate. As we depend on those working their Family Work Hours to provide essential staffing, children may not accompany parents as they fulfill their work requirements.




•If you have a schedule change, you are required to make the change with Shannon Osucha the week before your scheduled shift. The master list will be available during co-op hours through Shannon to obtain names and numbers of other workers with which to switch your dates. You may also access the list through Shannon by email during the week . It is your responsibility to find a replacement for yourself. When you have made a switch or found a replacement, please notify Shannon as soon as possible. 919-0072 cell; Email: saosucha@comcast.net

•If you choose, you may buy out your family work time at the rate of $50 per 4 hour shift for a total of $200 per semester. This option is for returning families only. Some workers may need to buy out shifts and serve shift time in various combinations. Please speak to Shannon about these options.

•If you have a medical emergency or last minute change during the week you are scheduled to work, it is your responsibility to find a replacement or hire a substitute. Then you should make Shannon aware of the change via email. The substitute list will be available online and the first few weeks at co-op. If you have a medical emergency the morning you are scheduled to work, you must call Shannon, and each emergency will be handled on a case by case basis.

‘No shows’

If you chose to be negligent in serving your family work time as scheduled, you will be fined $75 (this includes a $50 substitute fee and a $25 fine) per 4 hour shift. If you are a “no show” for 2 shifts, action may be taken by the board regarding the lack of commitment by the family in question. Please be diligent in service and worthy of trust by full cooperation and participation in our program.


If you are late, it makes it hard on everyone. Please be 10 minutes early for your scheduled shift to allow time for your own children to be settled into their respective classes and for you to sign in at the volunteer station. You will be assessed a $5 penalty for every 15 minutes you are late for your shift. If you are 1 hour late, you will be considered a ‘no show,’ and be assessed the $75 fine. Occasionally, we all have circumstances that we cannot control, and Thursday Connection will try to take these things into consideration. By planning to be early, most of these circumstances will not affect your arrival.

Family Work Coordinator’s Contact Information

Shannon Osucha: 919-0072 cell; Email: saosucha@comcast.net


Financial Obligations

Registration fees, tuition, and material fees are the responsibility of the family. Financial assistance and scholarships may be available for some families after completing a financial need request form. After initial registration fees, including materials fees and first months’ tuition are paid in the spring, tuition payments will be due on the first Thursday of September, October and November.

Pre-registration for 2nd semester will be held in November and December, and the checks will be dispersed to the teachers on the first Thursday of December. The remaining second semester tuition is due on the first Thursday of February, March, and April.

If tuition is not paid on the due date, late fees of $5 per student per class per week will be charged. If late fees are not paid, the family will not be allowed to register for the following semester.

All tuition and materials fees checks should be made payable to the teacher, but turned in at the finance table in order to be properly recorded. Please do not pay the teachers directly. If paying in cash, please bring correct change; put cash for each teacher in a separate, labeled envelope. Our inability to make change will not be a valid reason for paying late. Make sure that you receive a receipt when you are paying in cash.

If tuition or registration checks are returned, they must be repaid along with any charged bank fees in cash. From that time forward, that family must pay in cash.

There is a 2-week trial period in which you may drop classes without being financially responsible for the entire semester. If you wish to exercise this option, you must drop your class by the end of week 2, August 25th. If you choose this option, please know that no prepaids are refundable. Should a class be dropped after the 2-week trial period, all tuition associated with the class is still owed to the teacher of the entire semester.