Spring2019 Schedule   Classes in: Red are full, Purple require teacher authorization, Blue have at least 4 openings

Spring2019 Course Descriptions

Spring2019 Tuition

Spring2019 A. Parent & Student Contract (coming soon- for new family registration)                                                                                Please read: Policies and Procedures

Spring2019 B. Registration Form-Family (coming soon – for new family registration)

Spring 2019 C. Registration Form-Student (coming soon – for new family registration)

Spring2019 D. Parking Permit Application 




Fall 2018 Schedule

Fall 2018 Tuition




TC Planned Course Rotations (NOT guaranteed. We’re a cooperative, working together to help one another homeschool well, and courses offered depend on the availability, giftings, and passion of parent-teachers.)


Lunch Schedule

Schedules may be limited by our lunch availability. We are very glad that we can usually accommodate students who have a one-hour break in their schedules: there is a place for these students in the break room. Unfortunately, during the lunch hours, there is no space on campus for students with a break in their schedules, because the break room is being used for lunch students. When a lunchtime becomes full, students who have an hour break during the lunch hours (11:00-1:30) will either need to choose morning classes or afternoon classes or go off-campus during lunch hours. The noon lunch fills quickly, so please be prepared with an alternate schedule in case this may impact yours. Know that we are not thrilled with this limitation, but we currently have no alternatives.