Getting Started

Thursday Connection Registration Easy As 1,2,3

  1.        Complete 4 registration documents (detailed below).
  2.        Write tuition & registration checks, and
  3.        Sign up for 16 family work hours to help the cooperative operate safely and smoothly.


1. Documents

The four registration documents can be found under the Documents Tab. These are the Parent/Student Contract, Parking Request, Family Registration, and Student Registration(s).  All forms are one per family except the Student Registration Form which is one per student. On the Student Registration Form, be sure to add “Lunch” at 11, 12, or 1, if you’d like to reserve a space in the lunchroom for your child.


2. Checks

One check should be written to each teacher in whose class(es) you’re enrolling. These checks should include the first month’s tuition plus the semester materials fee. These amounts can be found on the Tuition document under the Documents Tab. Fall tuition will then be due on the first Thursdays of September, October, and November; Spring tuition will be due on the first Thursdays of February, March, and April.

Another check should be written to Thursday Connection for $60/semester registration + $10/student/year insurance +$5 one-time parking fee. (e.g., For a new family with 3 children, this would be $95; for a returning family in the spring, this would be $60.)


3. Family Work Hours

After documents and checks have been verified, families will work with the Family Work Coordinator to sign up for 16 work hours. These four 4-hour shifts, sixteen 1-hour shifts, or other co-op work, such as helping with events, are assigned as available. While working, there are two nurseries available for young children, and older children may relax in the break room or study in the library if they are not in class while the parent is working.


A Note about Lunch

Please note: your schedule may be limited by our lunch availability. We are very glad that we can usually accommodate students who have a one-hour break in their schedules: there is usually a place for these students in the break room. Unfortunately, during the lunch hours, there is no space for students on campus with a break in their schedules, because the break room is being used for lunch students. When a lunchtime becomes full, students will either need to choose morning classes or afternoon classes or go off-campus during lunch hours. The noon lunch fills quickly, so please be prepared with an alternate schedule in case this may impact yours. Know that we are not happy with this limitation, but we currently have no alternatives.