Thursday Connection

What Classes We Provide

We have developed two class options to aid the home educating family: Academic Classes and Enrichment Classes.

Academic Classes generally provide weekly homework assignments and projects to be returned to the teacher. The teacher will provide a syllabus which will enable parents to more adequately direct their student during the week. These classes should only be taken with a commitment to complete all assignments.

Enrichment Classes are expected to offer activities that will enhance your child’s educational experience. They will offer very little homework, although, occasionally, the teacher may give a list of suggested home activities. These activities will help your child get the most out of the class.

If you would like to see specifically what’s being offered currently, please look under Registration –> Documents and see the Schedule. Note that students must be at least 5 years old to register with us. If you have a 4-year-old who will turn 5 in the fall, we would love to have them join us for Spring Semester in January. 

Sensitivities and Special Needs Guidelines:

Thursday Connection has always been and continues to be a cooperative that welcomes students who do not fit the mold of institutional schools. We believe that being exposed to a variety of learning styles helps us all develop compassion and tolerance for one another. It is also important to maintain the learning atmosphere of the classroom. As a private, one day a week homeschool cooperative, we do not have the resources for dedicated helpers for individual students.  Therefore, we ask our families to review our guidelines when making decisions on enrolling their students in Thursday Connection classes. 

•Parents must clearly communicate student special needs and sensitivities on registration, so that we may work together in providing the best classroom experience for all involved.
•To attend classes as kindergartners, students must be at least five years old chronologically and have the ability to work at a five year old level.  
•Students should have both the ability and the age that corresponds with the class in which they wish to enroll. Additionally, any parent who wants to enroll their student in a class which is more than one grade level above or below the grade level indicated is required to discuss this request with administration and may not directly approach a teacher.
•Students must be able to follow classroom behavior guidelines as set forth by the teacher. 
•Students who need more assistance in keeping their attention directed to the teacher and work being done in the classroom should have a parent or other adult helper present to assist the student.  
•Students who need individualized parameters should meet with administrators to discuss accommodations. Many times, a plan can be developed to help students move smoothly through their day with confidence. Communication is key so that we are all aware of what needs exist and how we are able to help.

As with all guidelines, it is impossible to address every classroom situation. Should classroom space be limited or other factors impact our ability to accommodate a student, we will work with families to find the best possible solution.